Pick a color, any color

Just came across a cool add-on for Firefox called Color Picker. It doesn’t do much but what it does it does well and quickly.

I review a lot of pages and email drafts in the course of a day. Some of our developers are really coders and not designers and the details of branding frequently get by them. It is not that they don’t understand branding, they don’t even consider it. “The page works, doesn’t it?”

Well, this application has saved me a ton of time when discussing such things. You just click on the status bar and then roll over any place on the screen. It shows you the RGB number, Hex number and more. Much faster than what I used to do, which was screen grab the page and use Photoshop’s color picker to get these values. A second click on the icon returns you to regular browsing. Simple, elegant, quick. Download it here.