Lawn Gnome is a blog about web marketing and digital media strategies, about building a brand online, about measuring one’s efforts online.

About the author, Daniel J. Donovan

You are reading the personal blog of Daniel J. Donovan. I live in suburban Boston, MA, U.S.A. and work as a Digital Media Manager / e-Marketing Strategist.

I have been involved in Internet Marketing since the late 1990s, almost exclusively in B2B. I currently work for a large supplier to the life science industry.

My philosophy is to approach everything with a mix of drive and creativity, always with an analytical mind.

Why Lawn Gnome?

The name comes from a quotation attributed to Tim Berners-Lee, who is generally regarded as the inventor of the World Wide Web:

‘They may call it a home page, but it’s more like the gnome in somebody’s front yard than the home itself.’

It’s been the name of my site — across numerous incarnations — for years. Not 100% applicable now, I suppose (who calls them home pages anymore?) but I’ve had the name forever and I like it.

Resume/CV of Daniel J. Donovan in PDF format:

Resume of Daniel J. Donovan