Improving Customer Experience on Your Site – Part 1 – 404’s

We’ve all seen it many, many times. You click a link or type a URL and you are confronted abruptly with a cryptic and unhelpful 404 Error Message like this :

Unhelpful 404

Don’t bludgeon your poor visitors with error pages like this. Remember, your competition is only a click away. It doesn’t take much to irritate your users enough to get them to say, “Enough,” and off they go.

A professional handles such errors with aplomb. Some suggestions:

Beyond Arial and Helvetica

Way way back “in the day” I did tech support for Word. I worked for a company here in Massachusetts; we had to pretend we worked for Microsoft. One of the questions we would often get was how to save a document so that when it was emailed to someone, the font information was preserved, even if they didn’t have the font installed. Mind you, TrueType itself was only a few years old at the time. Microsoft and Apple were developing the standard together, believe it or not.

Stay with me; this is going somewhere.