Free tethered mode shooting

ECP_00087 My children — aged 4 and 2 — love using the Playstation Eye camera and EyeCreate software on our PS3. The shots they take, though grainy and small, are spontaneous and full of joy because they can see the picture right away; there is immediate feedback on what they shoot. They have a blast and it shows. However, point a “real camera” at them and they become awkward and stiff. What to do?

Strobist Boot Camp 4

I am happy to say that I completed all 4 Strobist assignments — my first attempts at off-camera flash — and learned a great deal. (My other posts in the series are here: -1- |  -2- |   -3- ).

The final assignment was to take a picture of a vehicle and “get creative” with it. So I decided to take a picture of my car (thus satisfying the vehicle part of the assignment) at night (“creative” bit, I hoped). As with the previous assignments, I found that lighting a car at night was *much* more problematic than you think it would be. It proved beyond me I’m afraid and I was not particularly successful.